The 4Ds of ideal vision

The iVis Suite™ is an integrated wireless platform, closed loop controlled, for customized corneal refractive and therapeutic surgery.

3d suite - diagnosis


Precisio® – High Definition corneal tomographer to detect morphological and refractive data of the whole corneal anterior segment sub-layers, with certified repeatability, for custom vision surgery and for detailed analysis of corneal pathologies;
pMetrics® – Dynamic Pupillometer to provide the Ideal Pupil™ size to define the optical zone to minimize surgical treatment invasiveness, by means of a life-related pupil dynamic analysis.

3d suite - design


CIPTA® – surgical software to plan customized refractive and therapeutic treatments optimizing quality of vision and minimizing surgical invasiveness based on corneal morphology, dynamic pupillometry and refractive correction;
CLAT – surgical software to plan customized laser lamellar transplantations to standardize the surgical procedure and improve the donor-recipient interface, based on corneal pachimetry.

3d suite - delivery


iRes™ – 1000Hz High Resolution excimer laser system to deliver customized refractive and therapeutic surgeries, with a full automated no-touch procedure, to minimize intraoperative risks and improve surgical outcomes.

3d suite - debriefing


iVerify® – web based proprietary software to provide transparent big data based statistical analysis of the surgical outcomes achieved by means of a closed loop control of the entire iVis Suite™ surgical process.

4d suite

iVis Suite™ Devices

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