Mission & Vision

We are guided by our Mission:

We uniquely enable eye surgeons, ophthalmologists, healthcare professionals worldwide to improve the lives of their patients in ophthalmology and especially in corneal refractive surgery sector.

We advance the standards of care with our proven ophthalmic medical technology, diagnostic & therapeutic and application competence. Together with our colleagues at sites all over the world, we work to achieve this goal on a daily basis.

We are inspired by a clear Vision:

We want to be the partner of choice for the eye surgeons, doctors and health care professionals in our segment. Being a partner means that we always aspire to understand all aspects of our customers’ requirements. We know how doctors, surgeons and medical assistants work and what challenges they face in their jobs.

This enables us to help them be successful – at many levels. First and foremost, success means the optimal treatment of patients. Success, of course, can also mean being cost-efficient, achieving pioneering results or offering what other doctors do not. We help eye surgeons to deliver extraordinary corneal treatments and thus, achieving outstanding clinical outcomes.