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Custom Transephitelial No Touch

cTen™ is our exclusive no-touch procedure for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery.
cTen™ is safe and respects the patients’ eyes eliminating corneal applanation, suction and flap.
cTen™ is a full automated painless procedure which avoids all the complications associated with LASIK and it is surgically painless. Thanks to the accuracy of the diagnostic devices of the iVis Suite™, 100% customized ablations are delivered while granting low invasiveness. cTen™ dramatically reduces patients’ and surgeons’ time in the operating theatre being a fast one-step surgery.
iVis introduced in 2007 cTen™, its unique Customized Trans-Epithelial No-Touch procedure. cTen™ is a totally automatized surface ablation with no corneal manipulation that minimizes invasiveness, eliminates surgical risks induced by applanation, suction and flap and reduces intra-operative pain and discomfort.
cTen™ is customized to each individual patient and trans-epithelial; therefore, our iRes™ 1000Hz excimer removes automatically the epithelium only in the treatment area.
cTen™ is consequently uniquely no-touch as it avoids all surgeons’ manipulation of the cornea.
cTen™ can successfully perform a variety of therapeutic corneal surgeries, including correction of decentrations, induced and/or congenital irregular astigmatism, scars, leucoma, custom regularization prior cross-linking surgery, as well as the re-treatment of previously unsuccessful refractive surgery.

cTen transPRK femto touch free

No touch

Enjoy total automation by eliminating all corneal manipulation


Avoid the corneal flap with all flap-induced complications


Eliminate corneal applanation and section and all associated intra-operative pain

Customized ablation

Perform 100% truly customised ablations overcoming the limitations of wavefront

Low invasiveness

Achieve the lowest possible invasiveness while respecting your patient’s corneas


Deliver the fastest one-step refractive procedures today in less than 30 seconds on average