iVis Technologies, with a background of more than twenty-five years dedicated to R&D in Ophthalmology, leads innovations in customized refractive surgery to maximize surgical performance.


iVis mission is to deliver the most advanced, fully automated, web-interactively controlled, 4D Suite, conceived for customized no-touch corneal surgery.


The 4D Suite provides:

– Unmatched quality of vision
– Surgical invasiveness minimization
– Full process automation
– Cloud close-loop remote control
4D Suite
4D Suite


The 4D Suite is composed of:

– Precisio™2 – the laser tomographer
– pMetrics™ – the dynamic pupillometer
– CIPTA®2 – the web-based planning software
– iRes™ 2 the fastest excimer laser
– iVerify™ the cloud close loop control application

The 4D Suite unique multi-patent know-how supports the treatment of greatly, not alternatively emendable, invalidating corneal pathologies like high irregular astigmatism and corneal ectasia.

cTen™ is 4D Suite proprietary Customized Trans-Epithelial No-touch surgical technique, conceived to optimize vision and minimize surgical invasiveness, avoiding intrastromal cuts that weaken the cornea structure forever.


Precisio™2 is the unique laser tomographer conceived to acquire corneal data validated for customized corneal surgery exploiting:

– Patented, voice-driven, exam automatic acquisition module to standardize and optimize performance.


– Patented 30um ultrathin blue laser slit, to maximize resolution and detect full-width epithelium structure.


– Dedicated 6D eye-tracker to grant exceptional exam repeatability and data registration for surgical purposes.


pMetrics™ is the iVis dynamic pupillometer conceived for customized refractive surgery to save corneal tissue.

pMetrics™ uniquely records pupil dynamics from scotopic to photopic conditions to determine a patented lifestyle weighting, the Ideal Pupil™ dimension.

The Ideal Pupil™ defines the refractive zone of the surgical treatment to minimize surgical invasiveness, saving tissue in comparison to a standard six millimeters optical zone.


Cipta®2 is the unique cloud-based software conceived for, interactive multi-planning of customized treatments, supporting remote access to all 4D Suite medical devices, Patients EMR, iVerify™ web-app.

To enhance the quality of vision and surgical stability, Cipta®2 uniquely defines the Ideal Shape™ to remodel the anterior cornea.

The inner Refractive Zone of the Ideal Shape™ is defined by a patented raytracing algorithm remodeling the anterior shape, taking care of the opposite contribute of the posterior shape, to optimize the quality of vision and to save tissue removal.

The Refractive Zone is surrounded by a customized Connecting Zone empowering a constant curvature gradient to favor homogenous epithelium regrowth and surgical stability.

Cipta®2 supports cTen™ planning the customized epithelium ablation, according to the data detected by Precisio™2, to grant more accurate surgical execution and avoid useless tissue removal.

Cipta®2 allows the planning of customized cross-linking treatments, selecting the UV energy according to the Stromal Pachymetry Gradient detected by Precisio™2, to minimize unwanted side effect risks, and to maximize cross-linking performance.

iRes™2 uniquely empowers a fully automated, real-time controlled surgical procedure to grant performance standardization and avoid intra-operative risks.

To grant full registration of the six degrees of freedom, according to the data imported by Precisio™ 2, iRes™2 implements a dynamic fixation continuously grabbing the patient’s attention.

iRes™2 incorporates the patented air system controller connected to the patient’s face, utilizing disposable eyepieces to eliminate system dependency on environmental conditions.

iRes™2 is the fastest market available excimer laser, which, employing the iVis double beam patented technology, allows it to reach a frequency of 2000 Hz.

iRes™2 exploits the iVis CF/A™ patented technology delivering constant corneal laser pulse rate per area to achieve a perfectly smooth post-op surface and avoid thermal damage.

The innovative optical path of iRes™2 delivers, perpendicularly to the corneal plane, the lowest market available laser micro-spot, which, at 350um, grants unmatchable execution accuracy of the ablation profiles.

iRes™2 is equipped with a Dynamic Sliding Window module for the automatic delivery of the customized UV energy crosslinking plan, according to the Cipta®2 plan.


iVerify™ is the iVis debriefing web-app designed to close the loop of the 4D Suite surgical process.

iVerify™ provides objective follow-up analysis of the surgical outcomes and gives access to the iVis international web library, to allow statistical analysis according to the most relevant international standards.