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This Privacy Policy governs IVIS TECHNOLOGIES‘ use of any personally identifiable information collected and any other sensible data collected and/or received. A “personally identifiable information” is intended to be any data or information not available in any public register and/or otherwise publicly available, such as in telephone books. All the “personally identifiable information” will be treated in an anonymous form or by a pseudonym. The “personally identifiable information”, as well as any other personal data or information, directly or indirectly connected to the User are collected and processed in compliance to the Legislative Decree n. 196 dated 30 June 2003.


The User, when registering at IVIS TECHNOLOGIES Web Site must provide “personally identifiable information” such as name, email address, phone number, occupation, etc. Furthermore IVIS TECHNOLOGIES will automatically receive and record on its own server the log data provided by the User’s browser, ie IP address, information available through cookies, pixel tags and other technologies. The User, once the registration process is completed and logged into IVIS TECHNOLOGIES web services, will be no longer anonymous and its own related data will be automatically connected to his own respective account. IVIS TECHNOLOGIES will manipulate all of the data provided by the Useras well as the data collected throught the web services in accordance to the Article n. 13 of the Legislative. Decree n. 196 dated 30 June 2003, in order to:

– respond to requests and meet the different needs of the User;
– send important information on Ivs Technologies web services or inform the User of any change at the TU;
– send marketing communications deemed interesting for the User;
– improve service delivery,
– carry out statistical surveys;
– search and perform data analysis and prepare internal anonymous reports;
– respond to requests from public authorities and government, including public authorities of countries different than the country where the User resides;
– protect the operations of IVIS TECHNOLOGIES or those of any third company related to IVIS TECHNOLOGIES;
– protect the privacy, safety or property of IVIS TECHNOLOGIES and of any third company related to IVIS TECHNOLOGIES.

The “personally identifiable information” will be used and treated according with the applicable laws and regulations, including the applicable laws of countries different than the one where the User resides, in accordance with the applicable legal procedures.


IVIS TECHNOLOGIES does not rent, sell or share your own data including the “personally identifiable information” with any unrelated third person or company, except of the cases where an express consent has been given by the Users‘. The Userr‘s data and “personally identifiable information” may be disclosed in any of the following situation:

– to third parties, in case of IVIS TECHNOLOGIES reorganization, merger, sale, transfer and joint ventures;
– to Public authorities and Governments, if requested, including Public authorities of countries different than the one where the User resides;
– in order to protect the operations of IVIS TECHNOLOGIES or of any realated company to IVIS TECHNOLOGIES;
– in order to protect the privacy, safety or property of IVIS TECHNOLOGIES or of any realated company to IVIS TECHNOLOGIES.


The information provided by the User at the registration time may be modified at any time. Updated data, in particular e-mail address will let to meet every User’s need. IVIS TECHNOLOGIES reserves the right to send to the User communication such as notifications of services and/or administrative messages and/or other messages related to different IVIS TECHNOLOGIES services without granting the User the opportunity to avoid to receive them.


IVIS TECHNOLOGIES allows the access to Users’ data and “personally identifiable information” only to the administrator of the system who needs to use them in order to provide the services to the Users, or to carry out his own work duties. IVIS TECHNOLOGIES undertakes appropriate technical and administrative measures to protect the “personally identifiable information” provided by the each User. The User must protect his own data from unauthorized access.


The present Privacy Policy is applicable exclusively to IVIS TECHNOLOGIES website. IVIS TECHNOLOGIES does not provide any implicit or explicit statement on the Privacy Policy adopted by the linked websites.


IVIS TECHNOLOGIES reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy. In case of any substantial change of the Privacy Policy, Ivis Technologies will notify the modifications to the Users by e-mail at the Users‘ address as specified in their own account.