Back in 2007, iVis Technologies’ R&D program lead to the launch of the iVis Suite™, a full in- house developed surgical platform. The iVis Suite™ is an integrated platform of cutting-edge surgical devices, wirelessly interconnected with a remote close loop control, conceived to exploit custom refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery. Our mission is Corneal Surgery innovation, thus we’re customizing every single treatment to improve patient’s quality of vision and minimize surgical invasiveness.

The iVis Suite™ is composed of diagnostic devices, surgery planning software and the 1000Hz Laser (iRes™), which is the best performing excimer laser on the market. Our 3D corneal Tomographer (Precisio®) and our pupillometer (pMetrics®), are industry-leading devices, moreover our planning software solutions for refractive and therapeutic surgery (CIPTA® and CLAT) allow surgeons to perform a wide array of refractive and therapeutic strategies.

iVis’ R&D activities, along with our mindset for continuous innovation, lead us to recently introduced the second generation of Precisio®, the world’s most advanced High Resolution Tomographer, able to detect the whole anterior corneal segment, incorporating highly detailed epithelial maps and uniquely using a voice driven full automated exam acquisition, for corneal pathology diagnosis and corneal surgery.

Delivering cTen® no-touch customized transepithelial treatments, the iVis Suite™ grants best refractive outcomes, lowest invasiveness and the ability to treat corneal diseases previously classified as untreatable, or to better enhance previously unsuccessful refractive surgery cases. Moreover, our multifocal procedure (MOD) is totally unique as it is a fully reversible procedure and to respect the patient’s eyes.

A number of advanced therapeutic procedures are available, such as the treatment of previous decentrations, induced and/or congenital irregular astigmatism, scars, corneal regularization for complex cases, customized cross linking combined laser-treatment for keratoconus, customized anterior lamellar corneal transplantation for keratoconus and leucoma, custom endothelial lamellar transplantation, custom epikeratophathy, custom regularization after Pterygium excision, deep Sclerectomy for glaucoma and many others.

The 4Ds of ideal vision

The IVIS Suite ™ is an integrated ensemble of hardware and software devices.

3d suite - diagnosis


Precisio® – High Definition corneal tomographer to detect morphological and refractive data of the whole corneal anterior segment sub-layers, with certified repeatability, for custom vision surgery and for detailed analysis of corneal pathologies;
pMetrics® – Dynamic Pupillometer to provide the Ideal Pupil™ size to define the optical zone to minimize surgical treatment invasiveness, by means of a life-related pupil dynamic analysis.

3d suite - design


CIPTA® – surgical software to plan customized refractive and therapeutic treatments optimizing quality of vision and minimizing surgical invasiveness based on corneal morphology, dynamic pupillometry and refractive correction;
CLAT – surgical software to plan customized laser lamellar transplantations to standardize the surgical procedure and improve the donor-recipient interface, based on corneal pachimetry.

3d suite - delivery


iRes™ – 1000Hz High Resolution excimer laser system to deliver customized refractive and therapeutic surgeries, with a full automated no-touch procedure, to minimize intraoperative risks and improve surgical outcomes.

3d suite - debriefing


iVerify® – web based proprietary software to provide transparent big data based statistical analysis of the surgical outcomes achieved by means of a closed loop control of the entire iVis Suite™ surgical process.

4d suite

iVis Suite™ Devices