Group Milestones

From custom corneal software house, to global refractive and therapeutic surgery playery.


LIGI Technologie Medicali began its extensive R&D program to implement the CIPTA® project for customized corneal surgery planning.

Founded by Engineer Giuseppe D’Ippolito, who is group’s CEO since then and till now, LIGI had recognized the huge potential in very small spot-scanning refractive lasers and the fundamental importance of the corneal shape for customized ablations in order to the quality of vision to be improved with minimal invasiveness.

Since the very beginning, LIGI believed that proper planning of corneal refractive and therapeutic surgery needs to integrate a detailed knowledge of the corneal morphology and the pupil dynamics, not depending on refractive data only, like in standard ablations or wavefront-guided treatments.


In 1996, after an extensive R&D project implementation, CIPTA® software was successfully launched and licensed to work with third party hardware.


LIGI Technologie Medicali introduced in the market CLAT®, a dedicated medical software to customize corneal lamellar transplantation.


In 2001, LIGI started a comprehensive R&D program with a scope of creation a fully hardware and software combined platform, to overcome the limitations of the technologies currently available on the market, which were not capable to perform truly customized, low-invasive, corneal surgery.


After 6 years of extensive high level Research and Development in collaboration with several prestigious ophthalmic centres, the iVis Suite™ was finally born: A unique and coherent platform conceived to grant the eye surgeons the ability to plan and to execute cTen® (custom Trans epithelial no-touch) surgeries thus, to optimize patient’s quality of vision, to minimize treatment invasiveness and to avoid intra-operative risks.


iVis Technologies, a spin-off of LIGI Technologie Medicali, started to operate with a scope to manage, on a worldwide basis, marketing, sales and service of all the iVis Suite™ medical equipment.


Market launch of CCR (Central Corneal Regularization), the fully dedicated planning software which combines customized central corneal regularization and cross-linking features, to improve the quality of vision and contextually harden the corneal structure for the treatment of ectatic pathologies.


Market launch of MOD (Multifocal Optical Zone), the dedicated planning software for customized multifocal but also fully reversible refractive surgery for near and far vision.


Introduction of the Clinical Follow-up to monitor the evolution of the corneal pathologies.
Introduction of the Surgical Follow-up to evaluate, with an automated and objective closed loop control, the surgical outcomes of corneal refractive and therapeutic surgery.


Market launch of iVerify®, the software to carry out a transparent and objective evaluation of the achieved surgical results vs. the intended surgical plan. iVerify® is the unique medical software in the market which allows such transparent verification based on an Artificial Intelligence analysis.


Market launch of DS&CEK, the dedicated planning software to customize the donor lenticule for endothelial lamellar transplantation.


Market launch of Wi-Fi Transfer data for the iVis Suite™, for a complete Remote Management of the customized surgical planning.


Patent for TES® – Temporary Epithelium Substitute – of the corneal epithelium, a film of transparent, sterile and biocompatible self-adhesive hydrogel, aiming to eliminate post-operative pain in trans-epithelial corneal surgery and to improve the quality of vision in the immediate post-op outcome while controlling the healing process.


Precisio®2 concept introduction to the market, the second-generation corneal tomography system, capable to grant a fully automated exam acquisition and data validation for advanced corneal diagnosis and custom corneal surgery.


Market launch of Precisio®2, the brand-new generation of High Resolution Corneal Tomographer, capable to grant a fully automated exam acquisition and data validation for advanced corneal diagnosis and custom corneal surgery.