iVis Innovations & Awards


Grandi progetti R&S: bandi ICT- Agenda digitale e Industria sostenibile


MISE approves the research and development project: “Integrated software and hardware platform for standardization and advanced automisation of the diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical processes in the field of customized medicine (Iot: Internet of Things/CPS: Cyber-Physical System)”.


Programma Operativo FESR 2014-2020 – Titolo II – Capo 2 “Aiuti ai programmi integrati promossi da PMI”

Regione Puglia approves the project TES 4 Suite: “System to detect, analyze and modify the morphological and refractive properties of the cornea, to optimize quality and quantity of vision, by means of automated surgical processes, remotely managed and customized for each patient’s needs, granting a fast and minimally invasive post-surgical rehabilitation”.


Bando per la concessione di agevolazioni alle imprese per la valorizzazione dei disegni e modelli industriali – Disegni + 3

Italian Commerce Unioncamere approves the project of developing an innovative carter designed to automatize the exam acquisition and validation for the Precisio Tomographer.
(G.U.R.I.n.282 3/12/ 2015)


Innovazione Tecnologica

The R&D project for an “innovative system for customised corneal surgery” (project number C01/000804/00/x 17) presented by our sister company Ligi Tecnologie Medicali Srl was judged worthy of financing within the Fondo per l’Innovazione Tecnologica (Technological Innovation Fund) sponsored by the European Union, the Ministry of Eduction, University and Research of Italy and the Ministry of Economic Development of Italy.


S.O.I. – Innovation & Research Award

The Italian Society of Ophthalmology (S.O.I.) awarded its 2013 Innovation & Research Award to iVis Technologies for the years of R&D work that led to the development of the iVis Suite™, the patented platform for refractive and therapeutic customised corneal surgery.


“Enterprise Innovante” Certification by OSEO

iVis received in 2009 the prestigious “Enterprise Innovante” Certification by OSEO, a department of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of France. The certification is the testimony of the highly innovative degree of iVis Research activities.


MIUR – Innovative R&D program

MIUR approves the research project “Development of a coherent theoretical structure capable of uniquely determining the relationships between the intrinsic characteristics of the eye (corneal morphology, corneal refraction and pupil diaphragm) and the induced refractive error”.
GURI 02/08/2004


MIUR – Innovative R&D program

iVis Technologies was selected by MIUR, the Ministry for Education, University and Research of Italy in 2006 and received an important Award for its innovative R&D program that lead to the development of the iVis Suite.