10th International Meeting of iVis’ 4D Suite Users, Wow-effect for all users and delegates

10th International Meeting of iVis’ 4D Suite Users, Wow-effect for all users and delegates

In the beautiful city of Taranto, Italy and in the historical magnificent state of the art Relais Histò Hotel, numerous iVis users arrived on Wednesday afternoon of July 3rd, 2019.

On Thursday the 4th and Friday the 5th of July, a priceless transfer of knowledge between IVIS users had been of primary importance for the event. Kick-off of the meeting was scheduled on the 4th of July and the program was divided to two main parts, Current Highlights and Future Highlights. Current Highlights on the 4th of July was composed by two main sessions on a) Innovation & Technology and b) Surgical Outcomes. Under the moderation of our CEO we demonstrated how our HQ corneal tomography PrecisioTM 2 support all corneal pathologies diagnosis, the evaluation of epithelial dynamics and the validation of exam to be transferred to Laser for treatment. Moreover, the outstanding Surgical Outcomes and Follow Up Analysis as well as all new Innovations which are incorporated to our PrecisioTM 2 versus PrecisioTM were shared with our users.

During the Science & Technology session we dived into numerical calculations, image processing and finite element analysis processes for corneal shape representations and the necessity of remote control and fully automation using complex interactive sub-systems. The discussions between the experts were so lively that even the lunch break had to be deferred.

After Lunch we continued with our Refractive Session under the moderation of Dr. Mulè, demonstrating planning standardization, complications handling, retreatments of very complex cases and treatments combined cTenTM  and Cross linking and the first day ended with our Therapeutic session with planning standardization, the amazing advantages of Trans PRK and corneal regularization in ectatic cases.

In iVis’ state-of-the-art showroom, personal meetings were held between long-standing IVIS users and new family members. They share the common enthusiasm for customized refractive surgery, advanced corneal surgery and IVIS state-of-the-art technologies. Using our revolutionary IVIS 4D Suite there is NO suction, NO engraving and NO cutting: the vision is precisely corrected through the iRESTM  laser that performs the visual correction in ONE step.

At the Future Highlights session on 5th of July, three sessions were incorporated, Active Devices, Non Active and WetLabs. We demonstrated the new generation of iResTM 2 breakthrough 2kHz Laser and Cipta®2 for remote controlled planning along with 2 new clinical protocols and we successfully introduced our Safecross Riboflavin solution with a demarcation line which is a milestone of CXL treatment along with its features and clinical protocols. We also introduced our patented and state of the art Temporary Epithelium Substitute which doesn’t require in situ UV CXL and is composed by innovative biocompatible polymers and small molecules with auto-adhesive capabilities. All technical features and clinical protocols were shared by our R&D team with our users and new friends .

The end of session incorporated Wetlabs with our new iVis SuiteTM 2 and of course hands-on to our new innovative non active devices.

We are particularly proud of the fact that our users certainly emphasized the excellent advice and support in IVIS advanced planning of the treatment through the Cipta® software.

The tenth user meeting offered the opportunity for intensive personal exchange between IVIS users and demonstrated that the IVIS family means much more than the transfer of knowledge between experts. At IVIS, considerable importance is always given to personal contacts and the networking of IVIS users.

Impressions of the 10th IVIS’ Users Meeting in Taranto