Remotely Controlled Surgery Successfully Performed from La Principina Conference Center in Grosseto to the Ophthalmologic Clinic of the Bari Policlinic During the S.I.C.S.S.O. Congress

Grosseto, June 29, 2024 In a groundbreaking event, Professor Giovanni Alessio performed a remotely controlled surgery from the La Principina Conference Center in Grosseto on a patient at the Bari Policlinic during the S.I.C.S.S.O. Congress (The International Society of Cornea, Stem Cells, and Ocular Surface). This remarkable procedure utilized the 4D Suite platform from iVis Technologies, interconnected via the 5G connection provided by TIM and Ericsson, marking a significant milestone in medical technology.

The S.I.C.S.S.O. Congress, renowned for highlighting advancements in corneal, stem cell, and ocular surface research, served as the perfect venue to demonstrate this innovative surgical technique. The success of the remotely controlled surgery underscores the transformative potential of 5G technology in enhancing healthcare accessibility and delivery.

The patient, diagnosed with early-stage ectasia through the iVis Diagnostic Platform‘s preventive screening, benefited from a customized surgical plan. This plan, tailored using Ray-tracing technology through the Cipta®Web application by iVis Technologies, aims to improve vision, halt disease progression, and minimize surgical invasiveness.

Emphasizing the importance of early detection and management of corneal pathologies, iVis Technologies developed the Horus Project; supported by the 4D Suite platform, it remotely manages the entire cycle of Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Follow-up of corneal pathologies and refractive disorders.

From the Main Room at La Principina Conference Center, Professor Giovanni Alessio (Full Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Bari and Director of the Department of Ophthalmology at the Policlinico di Bari) conducted the surgery, remotely controlling the iRes®2 laser installed at the Bari Policlinic. The iVis Remote Control Station, equipped with a 3D viewer, provided perfect visualization of the surgical field, allowing for precise laser corneal remodelling and customized crosslinking to treat the early stage ectasia.

This pioneering procedure was enabled by TIM’s 5G technology, which installed suitable infrastructure at the Ophthalmology Clinic of the Policlinico of Bari, in collaboration with Ericsson. This allowed maintaining adequate transmission latency between the iVis Remote Control Station and the iRes®2 laser, ensuring perfect synchronization of remote commands and actions. The 5G connection provided by TIM at the Policlinico of Bari was developed thanks to the installation of a 5G radio module for indoor coverage by Ericsson, interconnected to TIM’s Core Network via a high capacity link.

The procedure carried out today, made possible by iVis Technologies’ cutting-edge technology, is the last of a series of four remotely controlled surgeries. This demonstrates that remotely controlled surgery is not just a milestone but a reality. These advancements eliminate the need for patients to travel extensively to access optimal care. Investing in research and development of these technologies, as well as in the necessary infrastructure—especially in peripheral areas—is crucial to ensuring universal access to their benefits,” says Professor Giovanni Alessio.

Eng. Giuseppe D’Ippolito, CEO of iVis Technologies, added, “The iVis group has been leading innovation in corneal surgery since 1992. We believe our technology should enhance patients’ quality of life and contribute to greater equity in the global healthcare system. This vision drives our Horus project, designed to remotely manage the complete cycle of Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Follow-Up for corneal diseases and refractive errors. By ensuring standardized performance across all worldwide locations, we aim to eliminate the need for healthcare-related migration.”

Prof. Sarnicola, Honorary President of S.I.C.S.S.O., praised the achievement, stating, “I extend my congratulations to iVis, to the brilliant mind behind it, Giuseppe D’Ippolito, and to all his staff for opening new horizons in ocular surgery. Remote surgery represents an exciting milestone. Thank you for illuminating our congress.

This press release celebrates a significant leap forward in the medical field, showcasing the integration of advanced technology and surgical expertise to improve patient outcomes and healthcare accessibility.