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Yes, your eyes can be treated on the same day. Your cTen™ Ophthalmologist will advise you about this option.

We recommend to be accompanied by someone on the treatment day.

No. cTen™ does not require any suction or applanation, unlike Lasik. Therefore cTen™ will not cause intra-operative pain or discomfort.

We feel it is safer to abstain from driving your car for at least 72 hours following the treatment.
Furthermore, we invite you to check the legal requirements applicable for driving in your own country.

Your cTEN™ Ophthalmologist will give you a prescription with the drugs to take in the days following cTEN™ and post-procedure prescriptions…

iRes™ excimer laser features an advanced eye tracking system which real-time tracks eye movement and adjust the laser delivering position accordingly to the eye movements.

The healing process will cause you to feel decreasing pain for around 48 hours following cTEN™. When needed, please take your drugs as prescribed by your Ophthalmologist.

It is advisable to avoid exposure to direct sunlight for six months following cTen™. We suggest wearing sunglasses with total UV-filter when exposed to direct sunlight.

Your vision will stabilise in 48 hours following cTEN™, although it will peak in around 20 days.

It is possible to re-treat patients with unsatisfactory refractive outcomes. In fact, cTEN™ is often used to re-treat Lasik patients with complications.

Yes, refractive surgery equipment has reached a high level of safety and reliability. However, equipment can have a different ability to treat visual errors, especially complex refractive ones.

It is extremely unlikely to lose your eyesight as a result of refractive surgery. However, different equipment will deliver varying visual results. Furthermore, different techniques vary in invasiveness and the rate of possible complications.

A good vision without eyeglasses is possible, although different results in terms of visual acuity, quality of vision, invasiveness and possible complications, may be experienced based on the technique chosen and the equipment used.