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iRes®2 – The fastest 2 KHz excimer laser

iRes®2 is the fastest 2 Khz excimer laser, empowering the smallest 350um laser micro-spot, to execute iVis proprietary full automated, real-time controlled, no-touch, cTen® surgical procedures, maximizing performance and avoiding intra-operative risks.

iRes®2 exploits iVis patented CF/A technology, delivering constant fluence of photoablation per unit of time, to achieve perfect post-op surfaces and minimize thermal increase.

iRes®2 incorporates the Dynamic Sliding Window system, to deliver customized UV-A energy crosslinking plans and the Dynamic Fixation Module, to continuously grab patient’s attention.

iRes®2 implements the patented Air System Controller, to eliminate environmental condition dependency and an innovative optical path, to perpendicularly deliver the laser spots onto the corneal plane.

Key Features

micron icon

Micrometric Spot

iRes®2 delivers a micrometric spot focused onto the corneal plane with a diameter equal to 350 μm, greatly reducing the size compared to current market available solutions.

The 350 μm micro spot increases the accuracy of the ablation pattern execution, especially for complex shapes.

The innovative optical path, to achieve 350 μm size and a perfect gaussian shape, is designed by the iVis R&D team.


Unmatchable Speed

The unique 2 kHz speed is delivered to minimize the surgical time, while, contextually, greatly increasing the accuracy of the treatment, thanks to the 350 μm spot size.

iRes®2 exploits the iVis double beam proprietary patented technology to achieve the frequency beam generation of 2 KHz.

laser beam

Vertical Delivery

iRes®2 incorporates a new delivery system to grant laser beam delivery perpendicular to the corneal apex plane, thus relevantly improving the radial laser efficiency.


CF/A Patented Technology

iRes®2 exploits the proprietary CF/A patented technology delivering constant fluence of photoablation per unit of time to achieve a perfectly smooth and regular post-op ideal surface.

With CF/ A technology, the corneal pulse rate is controlled, remaining constant per area, regardless of the layer ablation size.

Dynamic Fixation

iRes®2 implements a Dynamic Fixation Module, to continuously grab patient’s attention, to allow K angle registration, according to the data imported by Precisio®2, and K angle real time tracking, for both Kx and Ky angles.

air flow

Controlled Air Flow

iRes®2 implements an extensible Air System Controller to eliminate system dependency on environmental conditions.

The Air System Controller is connected to the patient’s face by means of disposable eyepieces.

sliding window

Dynamic Sliding Window

The iRes®2 is equipped with a Dynamic Sliding Window to switch between:

  • Customized Laser Ablation
  • Customized cross-linking treatment

The Dynamic Sliding Window automatically switches the channel, according to the selected surgical procedure to be executed.

iRes®2 incorporates the Customized UV Energy Device (CUVE) to execute the customized corneal cross-linking treatments.

CUVE implements a UV-A 365 μm light source having a focused spot onto the corneal plane, adjustable between 2.0 mm and 10.0 mm.

The focused spot is centered onto the minimum stromal thickness point, according to the customized cross-linking plan imported by CIPTA® 2.

During the crosslinking treatment, the UV-A spot size varies according to the customized cross-linking plan imported by CIPTA® 2 and follows the movement of the eye, according to the iRes®2 eye-tracker feedback.

The beam power may be continuously adjusted between 3mW/cmq and 40 mW/cmq with a controlled radial efficiency.

The UV-A emission may be released either continuously or in pulsed mode, to allow a tunable emission of the UV-A energy.

automatic procedure

Full Automated Procedure

iRes®2 increases system usability delivering fully automated procedures, inclusive of patient auto-centration and implements a new ergonomic design.

Exploiting Precisio®2 functionalities, iRes®2 allows voice drive auto-alignment and patient’s eye registration of all six degree of freedom in the space.

Clinical Application

Customized corneal surgery for the treatment of refractive disorders

Customized corneal surgery for the treatment of corneal stable pathologies

Customized corneal surgery and crosslinking for the treatment of ectatic corneal pathologies

Customized first order surgery for strabismus

Customized first order surgery for macula degeneration

Customized lamellar transplantation

Technical Specification

Laser type: Excimer/ArF, 193 nm

Frequency: 2000Hz Patented dual beam system

Laser spot diameter: 350 um FWTH

Spot delivery system: Constant Frequency per Area (CF/A)

Treatment area: up to 10 mm

Eye Tracker and registration: 3D Active/Passive

Eye tracker latency: ≤ 2ms

Visible light: Automated/ Manual control

IR light: Automated/ Manual control

Weight: 450 Kg

Power Requirements: 110~240V AC, 50/60 Hz, <16A

Dimensions: 210cm x 73cm x 160cm (LxWxH)