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iVerify™ Clinical Verification

iVerify™ – Objective Analysis and FineTuning Assessment

Debriefing the entire iVis Suite™ surgical process by means of a “Close loop” control

The debriefing process of the iVis Suite™ allows to perform a fully automated, transparent and objective clinical follow-up of corneal pathologies, morphological and refractive corneal surgical outcomes analysis, and customized refractive and therapeutic treatments follow-up, by means of the proprietary iVerify™ web-based application.

iVerify™ is a unique closed loop, real time web-based proprietary software, which allows a transparent and fully detailed statistical analysis of the surgical outcomes and follow-up related to the treatments executed by the iVis Suite™ on a worldwide basis.

iVerify™ ensures full surgical process reliability, starting from pre-op examination, till post-op verification, analyzing safety and efficacy parameters based on the latest international standards.

iVerify™ incorporates objective verification of ablation’s precise delivery, using key elements of the iVis Suite™.
It utilizes Precisio2™ Tomographer, importing the ablation plan executed by iRes™ Excimer Laser and then matches the expected post-op ablation map with the achieved post-op ablation map in order to analyze the efficiency of the ablation delivery and biomechanical responses.

iVerify™ is designed to provide the capability to “Close the loop” of the entire surgical process of the iVis Suite™ and support the Objective Analysis of the refractive outcomes along with the fine tuning of the efficiency of the iRes™ Excimer Laser.