Annual Users’ Meeting 2020

We are very glad to announce that our 11th User’s meeting will take place in Taranto, Italy this year on 2nd– 4th of July.

On the 2nd we’ll welcome our valuable partners and guests to a dinner at the Kalidria Hotel & Thalasso SPA which offers the finest Italian cuisine by using excellent ingredients and products selected from the rich and generous Apulian territory and perfectly fits in our soul – IVIS @ Finest high tech medical products, Generous Apulia, Italian Innovation.


Kick-off of the meeting is scheduled on the 3rd of July and the program will be divided to two main parts, Current Highlights and Future Highlights. Current Highlights will be composed on a) Innovation & Technology and b) Surgical Outcomes so we will demonstrate how our HQ corneal tomography  PrecisioTM 2 support all corneal diagnosis, the evaluation and the validation of exam for treatment.

On the Science & Technology session we will focus into complex calculations, image processing and finite element analysis processes for corneal shape representations and the necessity of remote control and fully automation using complex interactive sub-systems.

We are planning to demonstrate planning standardization, complications handling, retreatments of very complex cases and treatments combined cTen and Cross linking and Therapeutic sessions with planning standardization, and corneal regularization in ectatic cases.

At the Future Highlights session on 4th of July, we will demonstrate the new generation of iResTM 2  2kHz Laser and Cipta®2 Web-based Cloud planning software platform for remote controlled planning of the corneal treatment, along with new clinical protocols and we will also share first results of our patented and state of the art Temporary Epithelium Substitute TES which doesn’t require in situ UV CXL and is composed by innovative biocompatible polymers and small molecules with auto-adhesive capabilities.

The end of session incorporates Wetlabs with our new iVis Suite 2 and of course hands-on to our new innovative non active devices.


In the state-of-the-art IVIS’ showroom, all Users and Partners will learn more about all new features (eg. Surgical Planning in Cloud powered by Cipta®2) and products “iResTM 2  – pMetricsTM 2 – PrecisioTM 2 – Cipta®2” offering a NO touch, NO suction, NO incision and NO cut low invasiveness corneal procedures in ONE single step.


The 11th user meeting will offer the opportunity for an intensive personal exchange between the IVIS’ users and existing & also potential partners and will be showing that the IVIS family means much more than knowledge transfer between experts. At IVIS, considerable importance is always placed on personal contacts and networking of IVIS users as well.

Hence, Save the Date 2-4 July, 2020. It will be our honour to welcoming you to our home-HQ in Taranto, Italy.