Prof. Leopoldo Spadea

Prof. Leopoldo Spadea

Head Eye Clinic, Policlinico Umberto 1, “Sapienza” University of Rome

I have been using the iVis Suite™ with great satisfaction for about 13 years and this is the laser platform that I have chosen for the Eye Clinic of the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome of which I am the Director. I think this system is the only one currently able to adequately treat those patients who have congenital, traumatic, infectious and iatrogenic corneal irregularities. In fact I believe that tomography-guided trans-epithelial treatments, which is the main feature of the iVis Suite™ platform, are the only ones that can provide adequate and repeatable results in these “difficult cases”.

This is achievable thanks to the use of a 3D Corneal Tomographer (Precisio®2) and a Pupillometer (pMetrics®); this sophisticated technology, associated with an ultra-fast Excimer Laser iRes™ 1kHz, are the basis of these important results.

Moreover, thanks to some unique technological devices associated with a specific software, the iVis 4D Suite allows us to perform customized lamellar corneal transplants with great precision, safety and relative ease of use.

I believe that this technology is currently the most sophisticated and effective in excimer laser treatments.