About us

We, at iVis Tecnologies, are the pioneers and innovative thinkers in corneal surgery since 1996.


We, at iVis Technologies, are the pioneers and innovative thinkers in corneal surgery.

In 1996 we launched our software to customize  corneal surgery (CIPTA®),while the majority of refractive surgeries executed worldwide are standard ablations still today.

Since then, we also consider low invasiveness and patients’ wellbeing as driving concepts in our R&D activity, thus we developed our exclusive no-touch procedure for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery (cTen™) as a safer alternative to LASIK.

We now offer a comprehensive refractive product portfolio and the most advanced corneal surgery platform: the iVis Suite™.

Our iVis Suite™ gives Surgeons the capability to treat a wide range of corneal diseases with outstanding clinical results and to execute customized  refractive treatments with the lowest possible invasiveness.

R&D and continuous innovation are still the core of our activities. Recently in fact, iVis Technologies introduced the second generation of Precisio™, the most advanced tomographer available in the market to detect the whole anterior corneal segment, including highly detailed epithelial maps, by means of a voice driven full automated exam acquisition, for corneal pathology diagnosis and corneal surgery.