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iRes™ – High-Resolution, Ultrafast Custom Refractive and Therapeutic Laser

Efficacy, safety and reliability, all in one.

iRes™ Excimer is currently the best performing laser on the market delivering fast and micrometric smooth ablations.

iRes™ runs at 1000Hz thanks to a patented technology and delivers ablations that are fast and free from thermal effect.

iRes™ is equipped with micrometric 0.65 mm Gaussian spot for ultra-smooth ablated surfaces.

iRes™ thanks to its technical characteristics is the unique laser on the market able to perform customised therapeutic corneal surgical treatments on top of custom refractive surgery.

iRes™, thanks to our CF/A™ patented technology, delivering laser spots on the cornea with a constant frequency per square millimetre, ensures more predictable ablations by controlling the plume effect and preventing thermal damages on the cornea.

iRes™ boasts a high-speed, synchronous 6D registration and eye-tracking system with ocular feature registration linked to Precisio™ corneal maps.


iFidelity™ is iVis industry-leading, precision surgical ablation delivery system. Critical to customized corneal surgery, iFidelity™ synthesizes 6 discrete elements to assure the accurate spatial delivery of the three-dimensional ablation profile onto the cornea.

With competitive refractive surgical laser systems, only eye-tracking speed was discussed as a metric of a refractive laser system’s ability to improve the delivery accuracy of the planned treatment. iVis sets a new standard in Precision ablation delivery by featuring new technologies to assure that the entire ablation is accurately delivered.

The optimum ablation profile is only an effective treatment with the desired visual outcomes, if the entire ablation plan is accurately reconstructed (complete volume and position) onto the cornea. iVis iFidelity™ delivery system is controlled through a synthesis of six communicating subsystems of the iRes™ laser and its integrated data sources.

CF/A™ – Constant Frequency per Area

Homogeneous density energy delivery per unit of time.

Uniquely, iRes™ leads the industry in controlling consistent fluence delivery per area to assure the precision of the ablation depth and to minimize the thermal effects.

CF/A™ is iVis patented innovation to continuously tune the pulse delivery frequency based upon the area being treated. This important feature allows the delivery of a constant energy fluence per unit of time throughout the entire ablation profile.

CF/A™ consequently grants a perfect execution of the planned treatments even in case of irregular profiles of ablation for complex cases with no need to use complex and often inefficient nomograms.

ivis suite iverify

iVerify™ – Objective analysis and fine tuning

Designed to “Close the loop” of the entire surgical process of the iVis Suite™.

iVis uniquely incorporates clinical verification of ablation delivery precision using key elements of the iVis Suite.

Utilising Precisio™ tomographer, importing the ablation plan executed with iRes™ laser, iVerify™ matches the expected post-op ablation map with the achieved post-op ablation map to analyze the efficiency of ablation delivery and any biologic/biomechanical responses.

This is a remarkable transparent and objective tool to fully analyze surgical outcomes using an objective approach.

iDlive™ Ocular Features Registration

in-situ ocular Identification and Rotational Registration

Utilising detailed anterior segment data acquired from the Precisio™ tomographer, iDlive™ provide positive statistical identification (“ID”) of preoperative diagnostic data to the operative eye, and automated in-situ operative rotational registration of the diagnostic data and ablation plan to the corresponding ocular features viewed by the laser’s vision system. Rotational registration is widely considered to be the largest component of rotational alignment error.

iDlive™ Intra-operative Rotational Eye-tracking

Active Cyclo-rotational Tracking

iDlive™ provides a sophisticated rotational eye-tracking system, based on iris and limbal vessels analysis, to track and compensate on real-time the eye torsional movements achieved by the iRes laser, to avoid possible human errors.

iTrkr™ High-speed, Synchronous Eye-Tracking

iTrkr™ features a dynamic, intra-operative thresholding.

This high-speed, synchronous eye-tracking system automatically centres the treatment accordingly to the selected plan, checks the patient angle K accordingly to the data imported by Precisio™ tomographer and compensates real time intraoperative eye movements.

iControl™ Intra-Operative Pupil Control

Environmental automated light control.

Routinely patients exhibit asymmetric pupil dilation. If not compensated, the eye-tracker will actively and variably decenter the ablation with the pupil centroid shift, thereby creating an eye-tracked decentration. The iRes™ iControl™ feature utilises detailed information on pupil size and position relative to the ablation plan. The iControl™ feature, by default, actively adjusts lighting intra-operatively to maintain the required pupil size and centroid that has been registered to the ablation plan’s position on the cornea. Utilising iControl™, pupil centroid shifts from asymmetrical dilation are eliminated.

Clinical applications

iRes™ is the terminal of the unique surgical philosophy introduced by the iVis Suite™. The superior surgical performances of the iVis Suite™ are deliverable only thanks to a device with the leading features of iRes™.
Thus, iRes™ allows bringing to your surgery an enlarged array of premium no-touch therapeutic and refractive procedures.

“Class R” – Monofocal Customized Refractive Treatments for far vision

  • Myopia;
  • Hyperopia;
  • Myopic Astigmatism;
  • Hyperopic Astigmatism;
  • Mixed Astigmatism.

“Class M” – Multifocal Customized Refractive Treatments for far and near vision

  • Myopia;
  • Hyperopia;
  • Myopic Astigmatism;
  • Hyperopic Astigmatism;
  • Mixed Astigmatism.

“Class T” – Therapeutic Customized Treatments for stable refractive pathologies

  • Irregular Astigmatism;
  • Corneal Regularization for Decentrations;
  • Corneal Regularization for Scars;
  • Corneal Regularization for Leucoma;
  • Corneo-Scleral Regularization for Pterigium;
  • Lamellar Transplantation.

“Class TC” – Therapeutic Customized Treatments for ectatic refractive pathologies

  • Combined treatment of corneal regularization and cross-linking for keratoconus;
  • Combined treatment of corneal regularization and cross-linking for ectasia.

Laser type: Excimer/ArF, 193 nm
Frequency: 1000Hz Patented dual beam system
Laser spot diameter: 650 um FWTH
Spot delivery system: Constant Frequency per Area (CF/A™)
Treatment area: up to 10 mm
Eye Tracker and registration: 3D Active/Passive
Eye tracker latency: ≤ 2ms
Visible light: Automated/ Manual control
IR light: Automated/ Manual control
Weight: 400 Kg
Power Requirements: 230V AC, 50/60 Hz, 6.5A
Dimensions: 165.7cm x 68cm x 115.3cm (LxWxH)