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iRes® High Performance Excimer Laser

iRes® – High-Resolution, Ultrafast Custom Refractive and Therapeutic Laser

Efficacy, Safety and Reliability, all in one.

iRes® Excimer Laser is currently the best performing laser on the market delivering fast and micrometric spots for smooth corneal ablations in one-step.

iRes® Laser is running at 1000 Hz, thanks to a patented technology and delivering corneal smooth ablations that are ultrafast and thermal-free. The system delivers a sequence of a very small 0.65 mm Gaussian spots which are ideal to achieve ultra-smooth ablated corneal surfaces and thus, to perform complex customized therapeutic corneal surgical treatments along with custom refractive surgery.

Thanks to iVis’ CF/A (Constant Frequency per Area) patented technology, iRes® Laser controls the delivery of the laser spots onto the cornea, releasing a predefined energy fluence which is Constant per Unit of Time for the whole duration of the treatment, thus granting the most predictable ablations in the ophthalmic market by controlling the plume effect and preventing thermal damages.

iFidelity is iVis industry-leading, precise surgical ablation delivery system. Critical to customized corneal surgery, iFidelity incorporates the iControl, iDlive and iTrkr intelligent subsystems to assure the accurate spatial delivery of the 3D ablation profile onto the cornea.


iFidelity is iVis industry-leading, precised surgical ablation delivery system. Critical to customized corneal surgery, iFidelity incorporates 6 discrete elements to assure the accurate spatial delivery of the three-dimensional 3D ablation profile onto the cornea.
iVis sets a new standard in highly Precised ablation delivery by featuring new technologies to assure that the entire ablation is accurately delivered.

The entire ablation plan is precisely reconstructed (complete volume and position) onto the cornea which ensures the optimum ablation profile is an effective treatment with the desired visual outcomes. iVis iFidelity delivery system is controlled through six intelligent subsystems of the iRes® Laser which communicated each other and its integrated data sources.

iDlive – Ocular Features Registration

In-situ Ocular Identification & Rotational and Tilting Registration.

iDlive performs the matching between the predefined ID list of Precisio®2 detected eye features and the identical features as detected by iRes® before the execution of the treatment, to grant a perfect in-situ operative ocular ID and rotational and tilting registration of the treatment.

iDlive also performs the real-time matching of a predefined ID list of the eye features to compensate on real-time the eye translational and torsional movements.

Intra-Operative Rotational Eye-Tracking

iDlive provides a sophisticated ultrafast rotational eye-tracking system, based on iris and limbal vessels analysis, to track and compensate on real-time the eye torsional movements.

iTrkr – High-speed, Synchronous Eye-Tracking

iTrkr features a dynamic, intra-operative thresholding.

iTrkr is a high-speed, eye-tracking subsystem, synchronous with the laser spot delivery onto the cornea to compensate in real time and with the shortest latency time, the intraoperative eye movements, to grant a perfect execution of the ablation profile.

iControl – Intra-Operative Pupil Control

Ambience auto-adjustment light control.

Often patients demonstrate asymmetric pupil dilation, if not properly compensated, the eye-tracker, by actively guiding the laser spots, will induce a decentred ablation according to the pupil centroid shift.

The iRes® iControl sub-system, utilises all detailed information of pupil size and its position related to the ablation plan as detected by Precisio®2 to actively adjust intra-operative visible light, to grant real-time adjustment of the pupil to the size as detected by Precisio®2, thus granting a perfect centration of the treatment.

Eye tracker performance depends on the contrast between the iris and the pupil which is related to the iris’ colour.
iControl actively adjusts intra-operative infrared light to optimize and standardize the iris pupil contrast to maximize eye tracker performance independently from the iris’ colour.

Laser type: Excimer/ArF, 193 nm
Frequency: 1000Hz Patented dual beam system
Laser spot diameter: 650 um FWTH
Spot delivery system: Constant Frequency per Area (CF/A)
Treatment area: up to 10 mm
Eye Tracker and registration: 3D Active/Passive
Eye tracker latency: ≤ 2ms
Visible light: Automated/ Manual control
IR light: Automated/ Manual control
Weight: 400 Kg
Power Requirements: 230V AC, 50/60 Hz, 6.5A
Dimensions: 165.7cm x 68cm x 115.3cm (LxWxH)