iVis Quality

We, at iVis Technologies, build trust with Quality Products from Research and Invention, to Development, to Manufacturing and Distribution of our products, as we are committed to providing products that are safe and effective and to complying with all related legal requirements and company policies designed to support quality and safety.

Research, development, and product approval iVis Technologies has built a strong culture of innovation based on integrity and safety. iVis Technologies follows established ethical and scientific standards as it conducts research to address relevant medical, scientific, technical, health economic, or other product needs and questions, or to inform business strategy.

The goal of iVis research is always to enhance eye corneal care by improving our products or addressing unmet needs. iVis Technologies respects and protects the rights, safety, and well-being of humans, and safeguards the integrity and validity of research data obtained. To those who are involved in development, or clinical research, must follow all applicable Good Clinical Practices, and related company policies and requirements established by the Research and Development function. When required, we disclose publicly the results of clinical research conducted by iVis Technologies in an accurate, objective, and balanced manner, to enable customers to make informed decisions about our products.

Product manufacturing and quality are consistent with our commitment to patients and customers and we are dedicated to manufacturing and distributing safe and effective products that meet the highest standards of quality. We adhere rigorously to regulatory requirements and our quality system. We certainly meet the industry quality regulations and standards reflected in our quality policies and procedures, and thus you must meet all company expectations communicated to you in training.

Since patient and consumer safety is paramount, whenever you become aware of adverse events or product complaints related to our products, you must report this information in a timely manner through the processes outlined in applicable company policies and procedures. This is true throughout the product lifecycle, whether the product is undergoing clinical evaluation or is already approved for marketing. We also exercise great caution in how our products are packaging and distributing, with a view to preventing any product tampering, counterfeiting, or diversion. Please sent us a report if any knowledge or suspicion about activity that indicates the possibility of product tampering or counterfeiting, or inappropriate product distribution.