Customizing is caring!

iVis Technologies designs and manufactures a complete platform of medical devices for customized, no-touch and low invasive corneal surgery: the iVis Suite™ conceived to cover the entire 4D (Diagnosis-Design-Delivery-Debriefing) process for customized corneal surgery.

We stand for the no-touch one-step customized trans-epithelial approach, as world-pioneers since 1996. Our approach is to optimizing the patient’s quality of vision and minimizing the surgical invasiveness, while definitely preserving the structural strength of the eye.

We empower our partners, the corneal Surgeons, providing them the iVis Suite™, supporting them to ‘close the loop’ from corneal diagnosis up to surgical postop follow up.

Our cTen® surgical procedure, is allowing the corneal refractive surgeons to achieve maximum control and a totally precise execution of the refractive surgery’s plan. The ultimate safest and fastest procedure, which only requires a few tens of seconds to fully treat an eye.

We empower the patients in a global scale, granting them a great vision with the safest procedure available in the market today and also with the lowest invasiveness. iVis sophisticated technology is ablating exactly the amount of corneal tissue needed – even not a micron more.

iVis Technologies is world’s gold standard when it comes to customization, low invasiveness, corneal regularization. That comes due to the technical limitations of the competitive technologies currently available. In fact, the market’s available diagnostic devices, are not able to provide the required level of accuracy needed for full customization of the eye surgeries.

The iVis 4D Suite™ was born exactly to overcome such limitations and to grant superior patient outcomes.

4d suite

IVIS Suite™ Devices