Advanced Engineering & Clinical Support

As the corneal surgery technology leader, we feel a responsibility to provide first-class service and support. Accordingly, we put the highest priority on customer care.


The Most Experienced Clinical and Technical Specialists

IVIS’s clinical and technical specialists are trained at our state-of-the-art training facilities based in Taranto, Italy and have the expertise to ensure you and your staff are always prepared for surgery.

Technical service you can trust:

Our Field Service Engineers & Technicians undergo hundreds of hours of formal and on-the-job training each year to provide the highest level of technical support throughout the service life of your equipment.

Unsurpassed Clinical Support:

With an average of 15-plus years of ophthalmic and medical experience, our Clinical Applications Specialists are with you in and out of the operating room. We aim to ensure that you and your staff are just as confident with the techniques as you are with the equipment, from regulatory and safety guidance to clinical troubleshooting and support.

Collaboration and support every step of the way

IVIS Technologies is by your side at every phase of the journey, making sure you and your staff have the right training, resources, and support to maximize efficiency and surgical outcome.


  • Plan installation: Maps your practice footprint for ideal install location
  • Equipment install: Scheduled at your convenience
  • Calibration and testing: Ensures the highest quality standards currently available


  • Online training: Allows you to learn at your pace from professionals
  • Hands-on demo training: For more personalized training and support
  • Live clinical trainer support: We provide full in-person clinical training certification for new technology coming from IVIS, either diagnostic or therapeutic.

Ongoing Support

  • Repair and maintenance: We provide timely service on equipment repairs and parts
  • Enhancements and updates: We keep your equipment current with the latest hardware and software
  • Routine preventive maintenance: We ensure your equipment always runs smoothly
  • Training and clinical support for all equipment: Ongoing training, basic & advanced certifications, and education customized to your needs.