First international customized transepithelial refractive surgery at a speed of 2000Hz

We are glad to announce that, on May 24th, 2023, at the Ophthalmic Clinic of the University of Bari, the first international customized transepithelial refractive surgery, at a speed of 2000Hz with a 350um spot size, was executed with the iRes®2 excimer laser produced by iVis Technologies.

The micrometric spot size incomparably increases treatment accuracy, eliminating acoustic shock and undesired thermal effects, preserving treatment time below one minute, thanks to the unmatchable speed of 2000Hz.


Prof. G. Alessio, Director of the Ophthalmic Clinic of the University of Bari said:

“The patients who underwent the surgery with iRes®2 experienced an impressive visual recovery, with no pain during surgery, any relevant discomfort during the post-op days, thanks to the extremely low delivered energy delivered onto the cornea.”