iVis Technologies announces the world’s first remote corneal surgery

“I am pleased to announce that on September 19, 2023, 8:00 AM, at the Ophthalmology Clinic of the Policlinico in Bari, Italy, under the guidance of Professor G. Alessio’s equipe, the world’s first successful remote-controlled corneal surgery took place, using the 4D Suite™ platform produced by iVis Technologies.” said Giuseppe D’Ippolito, CEO of iVis Technologies.

The company operates in the ophthalmic sector, investing 70% of its revenue in R&D, with a portfolio of 17 international patents, applying for over 30 years the processes best identified as Healthcare 4.0 in the development of its medical devices.

The company is specialized in the treatment of highly disabling corneal pathologies and refractive defects, using the no-touch cTen® surgical technique, personalized for each patient’s eye, to optimize quality of vision and minimize procedure invasiveness, protecting the integrity of the cornea.

The 4D Suite™, through the Cipta®Web application, remotely manages the entire cycle of Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Follow-up (SDTF) for corneal pathologies and refractive defects, with fully automated processes to standardize performance and eliminate intraoperative risks.

The automated management and remote control of the SDTF cycle eliminate the need for highly specialized skills at the delivery site, thus introducing the revolutionary opportunity to offer equal chances of success to every patient, regardless of where they live, ethnicity, age, or gender, effectively addressing the root causes of healthcare migration.

The Cipta®Web application, following the surgeon’s instructions, automatically plans the personalized treatment in the cloud, based on diagnostic information detected through the Precisio® Tomograph and the pMetrics pupillometer, interconnecting in real-time the Territorial Centers dedicated to Screening and Follow-up with the Surgical Center for the Diagnosis and Treatment of corneal pathologies and refractive defects.

The iRes®2 laser is designed to allow, via 5G connection, through the iVis Remote Control Station, the execution of the surgical procedure with remote control, ensuring latency of less than 50 milliseconds and unalterable data recording with blockchain technology.